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Custom Millwork and Historical Reproductions custom wood, windows, shutters, moldings and doors


Custom Wood Windows, Doors, Shutters, Moldings, Cabinet Doors, Display cases, Furniture repairs. Wood & Alum. screen & storms

About Us

Joe Bean working on wood door.

Experience & Creativity

We are a fourth generation family owned and operated business that started in 1925 by Norman A. Bean and his son Joe.   Being a family business Judy and Karen started at a very early age learning the trade.  They have experienced the challenges of creating various types of woodworking through the years. Check out our photo gallery to see the large variety of projects we have completed. 


Our Process

We create your project to exacting specifications.  You do not have to settle for "stock" profiles and details.  We custom make everything on site.  We can duplicate most historical details. Historical reproductions are a specialty.  We make your windows, doors, shutters or molding on our historic equipment (see photos below).  We still have a lot of the old style cutters that can match many of the profiles used in the older homes in the area. 

Louvered shutters. Moveable style. Made for county historic mansion.

Our Guarantee

We continue the traditions started years ago with quality millwork at affordable prices.   We offer one on one service. Bring in your samples, patterns, dimensions, and pictures and we will be glad to work up a quote.

Completed projects

Mahogany Entrance Door

Mahogany round top door with custom leaded glass

Custom 1 3/4" thick round top 3 panel mahogany door with custom made leaded glass.  Glass was made by others.

Bottom Cabinet

Custom made cabinet with wine rack and glass holder

 Custom matched kitchen cabinet. Top section has adjustable shelves with wine rack and glass holder.  Bottom cabinet doors were made to match existing cabinets. 

Top Cabinet

Cabinet to match existing kitchen. Adjustable shelves and wine rack with glass holder.

This is the top section of the cabinet to the left.  The cabinet above the refrigerator is the original cabinet.

Louvered Front door of 1700's home in Accomac, VA

1700's home in Virginia. Front louvered door made to match existing molding and louver style.

Historical reproductions. Louvered door on the front of this 1700's house in Accomac, VA.  Stiles and rails and louver dimensions were all made to original detail. 

Front of 1700's home in Accomac, VA

Shutters to match original 1700's Virginia home. Not all in this picture were reproduce, some are original. Can you tell which ones?

Larger picture of the house.  We made the front door and some of the shutters (about 5).  Can you tell which ones we made and which ones are original?

Back of Accomac home

Historic shutters made to match original on the right. Also the 1700's Virginia home.

We made half of this pair of shutters.  Hint it was the one on the left.

Historic equipment still used today

Tenon Machine - circa 1905

Tenon Machine

Cuts tenons and coping on the ends of rails.  The tenon fits into the mortise (square hole in the stile).

3 Head Stcker Machine - circa 1895

4 head sticker machine.

Used for making moldings like crowns, base and casings.  3 heads - one on the top, and one on each side.

4 Head Sticker Machine - circa 1905


Also used for moldings, but has 4 heads, one on the top and bottom and one on each side.

Cross cut Saw date unknown early 1900's


Belt driven cut off saw.  Large weight overhead keeps saw held back behind fence until user pulls it through the work piece.

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